Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Every day people are injured or killed on South Carolina’s roads and highways.  That danger impacts each of us, whether we are pedestrians, cyclists, bikers, automobile passengers, or commercial drivers.  Victim suffering can include both the immediate pain and financial loss of the crash as well as possible long-term consequences of future health problems.

The Richardson Thomas team of lawyers has handled cases involving numerous types of motor vehicle death or injury claims.

It’s tempting, particularly when a company is offering what seems to be an attractive settlement, to accept that cash and move on with your life. Unfortunately, that settlement might not seem nearly as attractive as time passes and complications occur that require on-going and expensive healthcare as well as lost work time, careers or livelihoods. Protecting you from pressure to settle quickly is only one reason you need an experienced vehicle-accident attorney such as the ones at Richardson Thomas.

Our lawyers can evaluate any settlement offer, not only from the perspective of immediate needs but also considering how circumstances can change in the future, often in ways that are difficult to foresee.

We are poised to thoroughly investigate any vehicle accident, calling on investigators, engineers, doctors and highway-safety experts to bolster the case. We will examine all potentially liable parties, from manufacturers to trucking companies to government agencies.

The Richardson Thomas team represents victims of all types of motor vehicle crashes.  We also work with other attorneys who need a skilled, experienced team as co-counsel.

Some of our cases include crashes involving:

  • Commercial vehicles including tractor trailers, dump trucks, box trucks, and buses
  • Drunk driving, including dram shop claims against bars or restaurants that overserve intoxicated patrons
  • Crashworthiness claims against vehicle or vehicle component manufacturers when the motor vehicle fails to adequately protect occupants in crashes
  • Pedestrians or cyclists hit by motor vehicles

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor-vehicle accident, contact one of our attorneys today at