Dedicated to helping those who have been wronged

Proven. Trusted. Unafraid.

Dedicated to helping those who have been wronged

South Carolina long has relied on the attorneys of Richardson Thomas, LLC for skilled and determined representation in complex cases that many other attorneys won’t take on.

Our team of experienced litigators has taken on some of the largest cases in South Carolina and the country and prevailed. We’ve represented individual clients, and we’ve worked with other law firms in big, complex class actions.

We’ve taken on large companies and tackled complicated issues. No case is too big, too small or too tough for us. We represent every client and tackle each issue with determination, drive, commitment and empathy. We work hard, and we also work smart.

The driving force behind it all: A fierce desire to help people who have been wronged and to deliver justice.

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Aggressive, compassionate representation

We honor the trust you place in us

Richardson Thomas attorneys stand ready to fight for clients in a wide variety of cases. We also work with other law firms.

Our practice includes:

Dangerous products: We hold manufacturers and retailers accountable when they sell unsafe products that harm someone else.

Motor vehicle crashes: Our attorneys battle to help victims fully recover, both financially and physically.

Serious injuries/wrongful death: We work with tenacity and determination to hold accountable those who are responsible for injuries that devastate lives.

Medical malpractice: We help victims of negligence or defective products get the compensation they deserve for preventable injuries and death.

Business disputes: From simple contracts to complex claims, Richardson Thomas has the skills and resources to find solutions.

Class actions: Our firm has experience in the big, complicated cases.

Whistleblower claims: We can help those with evidence of government fraud stand up for truth.

White-collar criminal defense: Led by a former federal prosecutor, Richardson Thomas can handle the most complicated state and federal investigations.